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I fell in love with the joys of ‘drawing’ and ‘painting’ with a sewing machine about fifteen years ago when I studied for an art degree at Bishop Otter College in Chichester. I had never stitched prior to this and was certain I wanted to study painting, knowing very little about the wonderfully rich world of textiles. A creative light came on for me when I first sat at a sewing machine and I’ve been busy stitching ever since.

For years now I have worked on wall hangings that have been totally stitched and only relatively recently I decided to try adding fabric to my embroideries and experimenting with different combinations of thread and surface texture, pattern and colour. O the endless possibilities…it’s so exciting, I love the way thread and fabric resonate with each other, relating and contrasting.

My recent dog portraits have come about through my dog sitting duties for two gorgeous whippets and a long-standing love of all things canine. I have sketched and embroidered this delightful duo countless times usually to make presents for their owners. This body of animal work has grown to include other breeds of dog and more recently cats, hares, badgers, foxes even chickens. But I always return to whippets!

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