About The Bird House

I have been to many open houses and studios as part of the Brighton Festival and I thought it about time I had a go!

The people whose work is showing alongside mine, are people whose work I greatly admire.

Anne Maxfield is my mum and I have grown up being surrounded by her creativity and beautiful creations.

Chrissie Davies, Little Bird, I stumbled across as we were on the same foundation course and her work is simply stunning.

I became aware of Leigh Hodgkinson’s work when I was teaching part time at Hull uni. Her sketchbooks already conveyed what a crazy genius she is!

Helen Locke  I met on the MA illustration course (we later became sister in laws) and I love her inventiveness and use of colour.

I met Sara Cahill because our daughters attend the same school, and I fell in love with her paper collages!

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